The Side Effects of Travelling at Lightspeed

Have you been redlining lately – by which I mean putting your metaphorical pedal to the metal and doing as much as you possibly can without collapsing? Because just about everyone I’ve been talking to has been.

Sometimes it’s out of excitement – we love our work, we have a ton of opportunities and ideas – and sometimes it’s out of pressure – that project is looming, we’re short-staffed, we’re worried about our family members.

For one reason or another, we’re operating at full throttle.

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Claiming & Reframing: The Power of Authoring Our Own Stories

I’m fascinated by the confluence of storytelling, leadership development and improvisation. Most recently, the way that’s been showing up in workshops and coaching conversations is through the stories we tell about ourselves – both to ourselves and to others. And the thing is, how we choose to tell those stories, be it through the words we choose, the tone we adopt, or the meaning we give events, is a source of untapped power.

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Reclaiming Yes, And

Yes, And – the well-known cornerstone of improvisational theater where you accept what another offers and build on it with your own contribution– is permeating business and leadership development programs.

As a professional improviser, I love that. From my first days improvising in high school I knew that the improviser’s mindset was my preferred way of living. It’s a commitment to believing that people have gifts to offer. And that your seeing those gifts and working with them will produce an outcome far more interesting and useful than you could drive on your own.

True, vibrant success is created in the present moment through powerful connection with other people which enables you to bob and weave in the face of anything that comes up.

This is true. And…

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