Immerse yourself in the excitement of the unknown to build your team’s capacity for adaptation, collaboration and innovation – all in an upbeat and low-pressure environment.

Guided by interviews and meetings with representatives from your organization, Katy will tie engaging experiential activities to your most pressing priorities and, more importantly, will guide participants to make these connections themselves. Drawing on tenets espoused by adaptive leadership, improvisational theater, transformational coaching and professional storytelling, Katy’s workshops forge meaningful connections amongst participants while also fostering new skills in order to drive results and enhance your organizational impact.

Acts of leadership take place at every level of an organization and occur in an adaptive space where boundaries are continuously shifting, process is uncertain and outcomes are unknown. It is therefore necessary to increase people’s willingness to step into ambiguous situations and build skills to better enable them to think on their feet, grapple with circumstances for which they are not fully prepared, take note of multiple things at once and speak off the cuff. They must, according to Rosabeth Moss Kanter, “be attuned to one another, taking cues from their peers and continuing in directions that others have started.”

These are all skills that are critical for survival and success in today’s rapidly-changing and complex organizations. Katy offers an empowering approach that helps people become more courageous taking insightful action in the face of uncertainty.

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“Incredible strength as a facilitator of creative contribution!!”

– James Thompson, Bsc Advanced Global Challenges student at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

“I wasn’t sure if everyone would be receptive because we have a lot of really busy people on staff who also might be a little hesitant to be so interactive in a business setting. But Katy’s energy pulled them in and everyone participated. She tied the experiences back to practical applications so people gained valuable skills and also left feeling more connected to each other.”

– Stephanie Samano, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

“Thank you so much Katy. You showed the highest level of professionalism. Your passion for the work that you do was very inspiring. It was one of the most enjoyable workshops I have ever been to.”

– Carmen Yan, Faculty of Science Student Experience Coordinator, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia