Pavo [Pah-Voh] is a constellation in the southern hemisphere used to navigate, as a collection of its stars points to the Southern Celestial Pole.  Latin for peacock, Pavo is a symbol of rebirth and wise insight.

Like its namesake, Pavo Leadership helps individuals and organizations navigate uncertainty by creating the space for people to foster agility, discover new insights, and put them into action.

Pavo’s founder and president, Katy Craig has over 20 years of professional experience in human development and experiential learning, as well as expertise in the fields of adaptive and transformational leadership, applied improvisation, change management, coaching, speaking, and writing.

A grounded enthusiast, Katy possesses both imagination and follow-through. She is a champion of hard work and intention, is possibilities-oriented and is a catalyst for fun. Her strong spirit allows her to draw on hidden reserves during times of urgency and anxiety, bringing her core of calm to bear on your most pressing priorities. Katy holds the space for you to take courageous action.

Because she sees connections between things that often go unnoticed, Katy is able to better encourage positive, meaningful and sustainable accomplishment. She revels in the unexpected by seeing challenge as a charge. Katy is energetic, smart and freakishly strong.

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